One of the most rewarding aspects of writing this blog, is the literal unknown pleasures waiting to be discovered.

Every now and again, someone like Jonas Gonçalves enlightens me with an introduction to a band I had yet to discover.

ASTRODOME are one such nugget.

Pretty much all I know about ASTRODOME is what’s posted on their webpage, “Formed in 2014, ASTRODOME are a 4 piece instrumental Heavy Psych band from Porto, Portugal. Epic tales, long musical journeys with fuzzy riffs, groovy beats and echoing chords, a trip to whom wants to lose in outer space.”

The band comprises Pedro and Zé on guitars, Mike on bass and Bruno on drums.

Added to that is a few reassuring photographs, confirming that they have a penchant for a sound underpinned by vintage gear.

So far so good, then of course, there’s that signature sound…

‘High Spirits’, from the throbbing bass intro to the spatial, luminous, flourishing shard motifs, this is a cavernous, probing, sensory expanding expedition; ‘Into the Deepest Space’, sees us strapped into our extra-terrestrial vehicle, for this measuredly mellow, cosmologically laid-back, interstellar sojourn; ‘Through the Black Hole’, as inexorably as shade must follow light, stirrings of portentous doom, flicker subconsciously into frame, echoing the recent Markarian 335 corona expulsion, this sonic shockwave tears the black hole a new one, emitting plasma energy bursts of bristling intensity…

‘Fall’, rides the electromagnetic waves, on gossamer, solar sails, this delicately orchestrated work-out, showcases ASTRODOME’s deftness of touch; ‘The Arrival’, intones a sprawling eastern vibe, an Asiat-ospheric, labyrinthine mind-melding; ‘Coronation’, subjugates it’s opening, restless linearity, before pinwheeling in splintered, free-flowing, trance inducing exuberance, a supermassive, shape-shifting, expository exultation…

ASTRODOME’s self-titled debut album, is an object lesson in subsuming divination.

That ASTRODOME hail from Porto, home to 10 000 Russos, feels like a further invocation, of my megalithic Celtic forebears.

The rhythmic incantations, rooted in this “Iberian Mesopotamia”, inexorably calling out across space and time…

‘ASTRODOME’ is available in an Ultra Limited Edition of 100 tapes, released via the Ya Ya Yeah Record Label and available for immediate purchase on the bandcamp platform.


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