Back in December, wow has it really been 10 months already, I wrote about Paradise Range’s hauntingly beautiful, epiphany to Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick, and their EP ‘Songs for Edie S.

Paradise Range return to the fray with their second full length album ‘P.I.K.A.‘ – echoing the band’s clarion call, that PROFESSIONALIZATION IS KILLING ART…

P.I.K.A.‘ features Michael Boerner (Drum Beats, Guitar, Synthie, Bass), Lucas Hotop (Clavinova, Synthies) and Phillip Russ (Guitar, Bass Organ).


Soliloquy‘, opens to disembodied monologue, a fractured psy-trance vision, slashing at the dronescape backdrop; ‘Death Row Girl‘, is a strident, motorik darkwave workout; ‘Pippmatic‘, writhes with snaking, underworld eastern tonalities; ‘Starship‘, punches into hyper-space, a sci-fi exotica fringed, interstellar hybrid; ‘The Nun’s‘, thrums with tribal alacrity, these swing out sisters beat the habit; ‘Orgasm‘, swells with waxing abandon, a dizzying dysphorian descent…

Happy Happy Joy Kill‘, chants a kosmische hymn, the stubborn repetition of this ostinato, grooves with hypnotic pleasures; ‘The Happy Hooker‘, simmers with conflicted detachment; ‘Jody Black‘, signals a spiralling, melancholy embarkation; ‘Atomic Bomb Coming…..Boom!‘, shudders with kaleidoscopic, fission frisson; ‘Dilemma‘, dives headlong, through a maze of anguished confusion; ‘Bel Air Telephone‘, conjoins floating ambiguity and sexual ambience, dripping with the fake promise of Platinum Triangle affluence…

P.I.K.A.‘ is an engaging Dadaist découpé – disenfranchised vox populi snapshots, rhythmically underpinned amid compelling juxtapositions.

P.I.K.A.‘ is available now in a limited edition, handcoloured cd with a sprayed stencilled cover via bandcamp.


Written by Chromaticism