White Spot is the current epicentre, of one man music meister Marcus Lemoine.

Hailing from Mansura, Louisiana – the self proclaimed Cochon de Lait capital of the world, White Spot is a rare Cajun delicacy embodying, “A genre bending, noise induced movement filled with structured chaos containing elements of noise rock, mathcore, grind and sludge”.

White Spot alludes to Marcus’ son Isaac’s hereditary hair marking.

Isaac also features on the disarming album cover of ‘I Had The Best For a Little While’, a powerful photographic record of a scalding incident, which thankfully left no lasting visible traces.

‘Skip The Birth’, opens majestically, a soaringly suffocating sonic wasteland, cocooned in prescient, cloaking torment; ‘Waste Not’, is a sparse, less is more, disembodied paean to discord, writhing in existential rapture; ‘The Climb’, offers an ascending, instrumental interlude; ‘Laden’, continues the dense, post-punk baroque layering of aural delights, it’s reverb soaked, kaleidoscopic enmeshing, is a jarringly elemental, four minute magisterial epic…

‘Assistance’, provides a further instrumental buffer; ‘One And The Same’, rages against blinkered banality, a perplexingly simple yet complex mini opera; ‘Entirety’, is a fitting curtain closer, our subjugative assimilation to White Spot’s purpose is assured…

‘I Had The Best For a Little While’ is the fourth release by White Spot. It is a refreshingly distinct, visceral counterpoint against mundane complacency.

The welcome inclusion of the lyrics on this DIY triumph, underscores the depth and sophistication.

The clever manipulation of the cover image, confronts the listener, the catharsis of pain and healing loom large on this significant release.

I read Marcus saying on his page that, “I feel like everything I do has to have some type of real connection or meaning to my life, or it just ends up feeling hollow. Even if no one will know but me.” A sentiment I fully endorse and share, in a world gone to shit on bloated, superficiality.

‘I Had The Best For a Little While’ is available via bandcamp.


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