Just before my laptop expired for the second time last year, I was contacted by Cairo based BLUFRANK.

I’d heard just enough of the Egyptian rhythms, in the opening to ‘Jungles of The Unknown’, to pique my interest before the MacBook Pro went AWOL.

Thankfully, time and ether have conspired to reunite me with this elusive soundsmith, who describes himself as, “The equivalent of experimental-pop influenced Space-y synth-driven neo-psychedelia, with some Rock, Funk and Jazz influences, all governed by some electronica.”

‘Jungles of The Unknown’, it’s hypnotic iqa’at, the dynamic, syncopated accents, convey a thematic essence which certainly plunged it’s hook into my unquenchable and voracious psyche.

‘Supernature’ is a lush experimental reworking, of the Italofrench Marc Cerrone classic.

The original 1977 track, signalled Cerrone’s electronic departure, featuring rebellious sci-fi themed lyrics by Lene Lovich. It remains lodged in my memory banks, courtesy of Hot Gossip’s inclusion on The Kenny Everett Video Show!

This single is available among others from BLUFRANK’s bandcamp page.


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