Just the other week, I wrote a review for the video release, of the lead track, ‘existence is futile‘, from this latest EP by Tuath.

What I particularly love about Tuath, is that you literally don’t know what they’re going to come up with next. Their’s is not the predictable, regurgitation by numbers, of easy-street. Their’s is the, to be applauded, path far less travelled. A path littered with obstacles, hairpin bends, steep inclines and precipitous drop-offs, a path refreshingly devoid of pretentiousness.

existence is futile‘ – see previous review here; ‘who do you want me to be‘, smoothes the existential creases from your brow, it’s honey-dripping embrace, cossets in soothing waves of rapturous caress; ‘take refuge‘, explodes with dizzying washes of sonic luminosity, the discordant vocal backdrop, stokes a sense of spiralling unease, sublime sanctuary, squats amid these shimmering salvos; ‘poll‘, weighs in with it’s repetitious sturm und drang, it’s murky, subterranean vocal, perhaps echoing the linguistic duality of “poll” which means “hole” in Irish – whether it’s a hole in the ground, (or that other poll, meaning head), or the delusional process of “voting”, there’s a commonality in the miring end result, the progressive meandering of the closing segment, suggests an uplifting harbinger of hope, an ushering of aural salvation…

Tuath have unleashed a Gesamtkunstwerk, (a work of art that makes use of all or many forms), an accomplished, universal synthesis of their collective disparity, here rendered flawlessly whole.

Mid-June, sees the highly anticipated digital release of the EP, ‘existence is futile‘.

Written by Chromaticism