GreenFuzz label themselves as a “Macedonian garage-punk-psychedelic-pop-noise band, formed in 2010”.

What this trio sound like on their debut 3 track released for PMG Recordings, ‘This Is An Ep’, is exactly what it says on label.

What it doesn’t say on the label is how immediately and infectiously hooked you will be with these tracks. Jana’s guitar and vocals are arresting and distinctive, underscored by a driving bass and drums.

‘Dandies Go Home’ may well be a tongue in cheek reference to The Dandy Warhols with it’s vaguely familiar opening chord sequence, but it soon takes on an irresistible charm of it’s own.

‘Song No.2’ kicks off with a down and dirty guitar fuzz, then proceeds on it’s veering, roller coaster path, like the song’s lyrical character lead.


‘WE’ has Jana cast as the incandescent moth to the flame, “we all are made of fire burning bright. And it’s calling me back!”

GreenFuzz have an EP here that burns bright and is guaranteed to call you back for more…

A special thank you to François Sky for posting this in my direction.

Written by Chromaticism