Only 10 more sleeps to go, only 10 more sleeps to go, only 10 more sleeps to go…

My 3rd and final teaser for the historic, mould-breaking Fuzz Club Festival at London Fields Brewhouse on the 13th & 14th of November, featuring THE KVBCAMERATHE TELESCOPES10,000 RUSSOSNEW CANDYSTHROW DOWN BONESTHE MYRRORS , LOLA COLT , SONIC JESUSMUGSTARTHE CULT OF DOM KELLERRADAR MEN FROM THE MOONTHE JANITORSTHE ORANGE REVIVALDEAD RABBITSI hereby present the remaining five bands on this most illustrious of billings.

Of this concluding brood of acts, I have been humbled by the sensory overloading delectation, of all in the flesh bar The Orange Revival, whose recent ‘Futurecent‘ LP had me flapping at the prospect of beholding their live performance. ( In fairness to both The Cult Of Dom Keller and Dead Rabbits, my exposure to their delights were all too fleetingly brief at Eindhoven Psych Lab, and will be remedied in London).

A special mention also goes out to The Janitors, their EP release ‘Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind‘, which sometimes, “seems a thousand centuries ago”, kick-started this whole chromaticism chapter in my life – for that resurrection I will be forever in their debt.

Fuzz Club in conjunction with Bad Vibrations, proudly present;


Photo by Tim Underwood


Photo credit: Jan Mulders


 photo by The Greek





Sadly, whilst on holiday last week I missed the announcement that Sonic Jesus have had to cancel their European tour – I am gutted, their absence will be sorely felt.

Eleventh hour replacements come in the shape of Wall of Death, their performance at Eindhoven Psych Lab 2014 was one of THE highlights of that weekend, and I look forward to renewing that connection…


picture by Dimitri Coste

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