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Through the wonder that is the Facebook Activity Log, it transpires that I first shared ‘African Spacecraft‘ by (The) Lay Llamas back in March of 2014. Interestingly, it turns out that just a few weeks later I also shared the track ‘We Are You‘, then streaming on the Italian Webzine ‘sonofmarketing‘ – a Webzine on which since February of this year, I am proud to now be collaborating.

African Spacecraft‘ was one of those tracks which immediately enraptured my “trembling earbones”, in the words of the late, great Dr Timothy Leary. It was a track which transported me down the wormhole, to when Leftfield ruled my world back in 1995. Here was a track conjoined with that DNA, whose building blocks, did what all great tracks do, and took you somewhere else.

The Lay Llamas, was originally released in 2012 as a limited edition C30 Tape of 50 copies, by the Finnish DIY Label Jozik Records. The original recording omitted the track, ‘Journey to Sekelesa’s Cosmic Mountain‘, which thankfully is here reinstated to the fold.

African Spacecraft (2092: Lift-off, Journey And Landing)‘, writhes with rhythmic resplendency, this hypnotic cyber-steampunk odyssey, elicits imagery of a spacecraft imbued with the yester-tech, of H. G. Wells and his ‘Chronic Argonauts’, ritualistic electronica of the highest order; ‘Space Jungle Mantra‘, continues the ethereal dub homage, the onomatopoeia of the title, infusing the track with holistically constituent characteristics; ‘The Voice Of The Big Snake (Wait And Learn)‘, is an acoustically themed improv, a quixotic melting pot embodiment of wisdom, a serpent dance symbolising our umbilical connection, with Mother Earth and Gaia…

Rite Of Passage‘, throbs redolently of yesteryear exotica, a thrumming ambient ceremonial initiation, a modulating munificent mana; ‘Journey to Sekelesa’s Cosmic Mountain‘, emerges from the palm fronds of a primordial tribal Eden, where ancient instinct and innocence hold beatific dominion…

This is an album I had longed for on vinyl, I am delighted that my wish has come true.

This Backwards Record Label reissue of Lay Llamas first cassette, remastered by Mauro Martinuz is released in two editions: an edition of 100 copies on green vinyl and an edition of 400 copies on standard black vinyl.


Written by Chromaticism