Daniel Westerlund aka The Goner aka E Gone, recently beseeched that we, “stick it to the powers that be”, with the announcement of E Gone’s follow up to last years landmark, (in every sense of the word), ‘All The Suns Of The Earth‘ LP.

“Being the second part of a loosely knit trilogy – ‘Advice To Hill Walkers’ – offers useful advice before and/or while partaking in any form of mountaineering”.

Can it truly be stated that E Gone is back, when ‘Advice To Hill Walkers’, infers that his temporal, inter-dimensional travels find him in a constant state of aeonic flux. The here or there, perhaps is nothing more than a transportive wormhole, an Escher frame of reference.


Where ‘Advice To Hill Walkers’ is concerned,”useful advice”, comes in the shape of 10 track titles adopting the darkly comedic tone, of early 70’s Public Information Films.

Opening track, ‘Mark The Spot Where You Leave The Injured’, juxtaposes the gallows humour of the title, with an abstracted fairytale-like, nursery rhyme drone canto; ‘Your Goal Is To Know Everything And Say Nothing’, an ocular prophecy, tipping us eastward in the Smokediver EP tradition, a banquet of plucked strings and organ(ic) st(r)ains; ‘Follow Moonmilk Rivers’, plumbs precipitous limestone caves, harvesting moon ray cures for heartburn, acid reflux inflections; ‘Build Your Camp Out Of Alpine Moss’, parades eerie 50’s sci-fi, squeeze-box exotica, drum rolling militaristic trolls, conducting sinister otherworldly symphonies; ‘Dwell In Tents By Day, Hike At Random By Night’, combines the manic dissonance of, “Tanz Debil”, in dub, with a string reverb staccato whale song.

‘Find New Methods For Compass Use’, intones an elemental, tin roof amplified rain storm, fused with drone doppler magnetism; ‘Bring Ice Axe And Rope’, delicately swathes, in oriental Shivan transformation, a soulful funk cascade; ‘Record The Humming Of Melodious Caves’, evokes shades of an eastern-western, Morricone mantric delight; ‘Continue Ascent While Blindfolded’, is a waltzing, strung out, oxygen depleted, decompression sickness dreamscape, mischievously spiked with paranormal tension; Album finalé, in the form of the near 10 minute, ‘Reach The Summit, Egg!’, is a majestic, expedition summary catharsis, a Timurid dynasty drone exposition in sub-atomic neural alchemy.

‘Advice To Hill Walkers’, is a series of resolutely short vignettes, it’s staged ascents and descents, splicing nimble footholds, skilfully traversing crevasses and death zones, E Gone triumphantly peaking.

(The Egg, having reached the summit, I suspect, cleverly alludes to a play on the first two letters and third glyph in the name E Gone. Play, I surmise, is an essential and welcome ingredient in the Daniel Westerlund recipe book).

‘Advice To Hill Walkers’, is released by Swedish Label, Zeon Light Kassett, who delightfully describe themselves as producing, “Pretentious music for Pretentious people”, and “Politisk parodi förpackad på kassett”, or “Political parody packaged on tape”.

The album was Mastered by Kevin Moist of Evening Fires and Deep Water Acres renown, and the music was written, played, recorded and mixed by Daniel Westerlund at Suite Noah and The Salt Vault, 2014.

A CD version is slated for later this year through Deep Water Acres and Sunrise Ocean Bender.

Available now via bandcamp.


Written by Chromaticism