On the Wednesday before going to Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, I made a point of watching a video by each of the dozen or so bands that for whatever reason had escaped my radar.

In the case of Sudakistan’s “Dale Gas” & “Rabia” it was a 24 carat revelation.

From the opening bass and psyched-out guitar chords of “Dale Gas” I was hooked, then the twin tribal drum beats kicked in and I was off!

I went straight online and tracked down a copy of the 2013 ”Dale Gas” PNKSLM 7” to Bengans Record Store in Gothenburg, and ordered one of the 100 copies of the limited edition splattered vinyl for “Rabia”, also on the PNKSLM Recordings label.


As a rule I try not to buy singles and content myself with holding out for the LP.

Luke Reilly’s PNKSLM Recordings have found my achilles heel, and I now also have their sold out releases of Al Lover’s “X Goat” and Les Big Byrd’s “Back To Bagarmossen”.

On reflection, Fuzz Club Records have also cast their split-single spell on me too!

This was a band I knew I just had to see live.

Sudakistan have a unique sound that is hard to pin down, but if a Latino Dick Dale and the Kodo drummers had helped pioneer the punk movement, it wouldn’t have sounded a million miles unlike this.

Sure enough Sudakistan’s set in Liverpool was everything and much, much, more than the singles had hinted at. A massive sound, up tempo, up beat, up for anything and everything!

Luke Reilly, co-founder of PNKSLM Recordings, describes Sudakistan as a group of five South American guys living in Stockholm and as being “the best live band around today”.

Sudakistan will release their debut LP early next year, which will be produced by Jocke Åhlund of Les Big Byrd.

In the meantime, like me you’ll just have to make do with the 7” – buy “Rabia” now before they are all gone…


Written by Chromaticism