A lot can happen in 6 months. It seems like just the other day, I was reviewing Tuath‘s EP release, ‘existence is futile‘ – fast forward 175 days, throw a Brexit, a May and a Trump into the mix, and survival appears ever more volatile.

If the political pantomime is doing your head in, fear not, for those gregarious Gweedorians return, with the surrealist spectacle that is the video for, ‘Who Do You Want Me To Be‘.

An existential self love-in, unfeasibly combining Sean Ryder’s rambunctiousness, with Jarvis Cocker’s scintillating gyrations, all sumptuously underscored with, wave upon soothing, saximaphonic wave. To the allusive strains of this derailed soundtrack, we witness Paddington’s unfolding peripatetic Adventures aboard the Starlight Express.

The video is the brainchild of Narty Films, a “zero-budget video-films produced by Bill Hazzard and a shadowy group of film-makers, actors,musicians, engineers and animators. NartyStation is their secret base, located somewhere in Donegal, Ireland, inaccessible by land. They’ve been churnin’ this shite out since 1998.”

Tuath will support The Altered Hours at The Grand Social in Dublin, on December 15th.

Written by Chromaticism