Tuath 851

Tuath, those psychedelic purveyors of, “Free sunshine acid, new love and terror cult, magic moogle’s vintage psycho arrangement”, return with a valorous video visitation, a verdant vestige of viscous verbiage, if you will…

The band, spearheaded by Robert Mulhern, are a quixotic celtic brew, fermented among the inspirational, western landscapes, of Ireland’s ragged, peripheral edge.

‘existence is futile’ from the forthcoming EP of the same name, is at first glance, seemingly titled in the style of e.e. cummings, with whom I share a healthy disdain for the orhtography of capitalisation. Though appearances may be deceptive, when cummings wrote, “the moment you feel, you’re nobody-but-yourself”, the emotive outpouring of ‘existence is futile’, could well have been his jumping off point.

The aftermath of the Celtic Tiger’s dystopian detritus, is here laid bare amid the infectiously hypnotic loops, of the somnambulist’s gas-mask fogged vision. This trancentral, tripped out, temporal massage, continue’s Tuath’s opalescent odyssey, keeping intact, their refreshingly resolute ability, to eschew lazy categorisation…

Beautifully shot in and around Gweedore and Letterkenny, the video comes courtesy of Director/camera: Raymond McBride (screen splat), with Post production/camera by Aaron McGee (WhiteCrow Media).

Written by Chromaticism