Portland protagonististas, Wooden Indian Burial Ground comprising, “justin, dan, sam, cory, paul sometimes too”, return with their latest instalment of “song’s about surfing on acid with your dad.”


‘Styrofoam Factory’, grit blasts WIBG’s up-tempo sonic intent, perhaps tipping a nod to Arne Van Petegem’s disjointed  “aesthetic of failure”, with it’s jerky, jagged rhythmic structure; ‘Sad Mutations’, continues the extrachromosomal, surf rock wig-out; ‘The Pretty Good OK Days’, provides shimmering respite care, courtesy of this temporal soothing inter(quaa)lude; ‘Spazz Pony’, resumes the frenetic, equine canter; ‘Moist Dynasty’, allows another exotica tinged breather; ‘How’s Your Favourite Dreamer?’, conjures a dystopian oneirological seance; ‘The Discoverer’, lifts the timbre with this Shangri-La sojourn…

‘Burnout Beach’, is a richly orchestrated tableau, a collapsing blackhole of agitated seaside shtick; ‘Janesville Massacre’, is a sub 3 minute punk slashed epic; ‘Black Eye Tie Die’, drips once more, into the melting clocks of electronica hinterlands; ‘Dope Mann’, is a languid, narcotic fug-filled fugue; ‘Grizzly Peacock’, is a 90 second, pride portent, fantailed fanfare; ‘Why Am I Who Are You’, is a kaleidoscopic, cut and paste stick up; ‘Sam’s Dream’, closes with syncopated detachment, future shock given the urgency of here and now currency…

If you like your avant garde, served up with a generous side of irreverent otherworldly humour, then Wooden Indian Burial Ground and ‘How’s Your Favourite Dreamer?’, are coming to take you away.

Available now from the EXAG Records store and on tour around this end of Europe, courtesy of A Giant Leap


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