photo by Erica Montgomery

Casa del Mirto was founded in 2005 by Marco Ricci, serving as vehicle of choice, for his varied musical forays.

“I used to write music for clubs and discos, but at the end I got tired of it. I always liked chamber music, intimate and introspective. So I felt the need to create something that one could listen also with a headset, giving shape to songs rather than tunes to dance at. Now CdM is an outfit that I am happier to wear, without It I would feel naked. “Casa del Mirto” means “Home of myrtle”. Myrtle is a plant often used for spirits. It’s actually hard to find where I live, but I really liked the name. Now, after 2 years I think it is a cacophonic name, but it’s the only one I got! So I don’t think about it and I drink the liquor.”

2016 sees the self-release of ‘Recover‘, a further exploration of “the music of friends”, which Goethe described as a “rational conversation”, threading inspirational motifs, to their bejewelled, melodic responses.

Animal‘, opens to lush, sweeping panoramic vistas, cocooned in warm affinity; ‘Gloom‘, defies it’s title, a luxurious, uptempo dream state, melancholy, swathed in joyous optimism; ‘Smashup‘, continues the resonant reverie, awash with syncopated detachment; ‘Overcome‘, swells with anthemic grace, a lustrous veneer, to the murky depths of it’s lyrical content…

Hush‘, featuring vocals from Mia Virgillito, bounces self-assuredly, to a sassy, precocious electronic beat; ‘Reset‘, trudges through snow, a sonic soundscape, to the fairy-tale renewal of a vernal equinox; ‘Mr. Whisper‘, ratchets up the unease, the accompanying war-torn video footage, blurring the edges of our conflicted morality; ‘Forever And A Day‘, juxtaposes with soothing chimes, a replenishing, temporal massage; ‘Cuore‘, wears it’s signature, big-beat(ing) heart on it’s sleeve, the accomplished chiaroscuro of the moody vocal, counterposed with the trippy breakdown, provides a suitably rousing finale, to this euphonious exposition…

Recover‘ reverberates with emotive swirls – on one hand, a calming caravan of catharsis, on the other, a  sensuously soulful celebration, rippling with resounding rejuvenation…

Recover‘ is available on CD from Th3 RAG and digitally via – bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play

Written by Chromaticism