Thee Unholy Innocents‘ brand of “Gospel Punk Psyche Blues in Dub”, is the vehicle of choice for Neil Robertson and has set the needle twitching on my radar for some months now.

They now have a clutch of radio slot airplays under their belts, such is the calibre of their sonic character.

Allaying my initial fears, that one of those pesky long lost relatives had at last tracked me down, Neil’s dedication and unique output has created a sound that deserves your attention.

Describing his progress thus far as a means to, “chronicle and share the process of us making an album provisionally titled “The Dirt, The Beauty & The Charisma Of Madness” . It’s being recorded over several months at Space Eko East studios by renowned producer Alex McGowan fusing elements of Gospel, Garage Punk, Psychedelia, Death Blues, Folk and Dub. We have a collection of songs and instrumentals written over several years which convey recurring themes of loss, longing, madness, addiction, spirituality and redemption.”

In the man’s own words, “I was born in a fishing village in North East Scotland. I grew up slowly and did bad things and good things. I painted pictures, read books, played hundreds of gigs and drank.I made some mistakes. I went crazy. I asked lots of questions. I found (some) answers.I learned some things and made some friends. I wrote these songs.”

And make no mistake, it takes a man to openly share his convictions with such passionate eloquence. There is certainly a lot in the statement above that I can relate to – if you feel the same way, then show this brother some support…


Written by Chromaticism