Photograph by Arthur Weed

Future were one of the many bands on ‘The Reverb Conspiracy Vol. 3‘ that captivated and left me wanting to hear more. Their track ‘Side Effects’, I described as, “an exquisite existential exercise in “sharp guitar riffs, cold melodies and fractured drums”” – as befits their “Cold Wave” self-classification.

Thankfully the wait has not been too long, as the Paris based band have just released their debut album ‘Horizons’ on the Requiem Pour Un Twister label.

Future are, Yann Canévet – Bass & Voice, Brice Delourmel – Guitar and Pauline La Chaceray – Keyboard.

‘Horizons’ comprises 10 glacial tracks sculpted with clinical precision using surgical steel.


Album opener, ‘0002’, is a cacophonous statement of intent, disembodied vocals amid a clamorous search for satori; album title track, ‘Horizons’, lashes out with strident helter skelter urgency, infusing dystopian keyboard discordancy; ‘Colors’, layers synthesised beatific precision; ‘Try It’, is an exuberant soaring celebration; ‘Side Effects’, effortlessly hooks you with it’s embryonic, sparse Tubeway Army-like, barbed embrace; ‘Feel Like I Do’, glories in it’s gothic grandeur, underpinned by a relentless Morris+Hook rhythmic barrage; ‘Prisms’, exhibits further taut, tempestuous syncopated tempos; ‘Stay’, is a paean to lovelorn longing; ‘Again’, has a Dave Gahan flavoured vocal, awash with swirling, brooding keyboards; album closer, ‘Space Hole’, kicks off disjointedly with looped sample eloquence, consummated in epic elated ascension…

“The term Cold wave was first used in the 26 November 1977 issue of UK weekly music paper, ‘Sounds’ to first describe Kraftwerk”, then the following week, Siouxsie and the Banshees as, “cold, machine-like and passionate at the same time” – it is an epithet which Future, on ‘Horizons’ have made their very own.

Graced with exquisite sleeve art by Marion Costentin, ‘Horizons’ is available now from the usual digital outlets including Bandcamp, and as a limited edition of 500 in virgin white vinyl from the Requiem Pour Un Twister store here.

Written by Chromaticism