Hailing from Austin, Texas – Everything Fades is Kevin Flack, drums (formerly in Distance Runner), Daniel Owens, vocals and guitar (New Roman Times, Register, Marcy) and Marcus Piña, vocals and bass (Roky Erickson, Love Battery, The Astronaut Suit, Wild Seeds).

As the band’s Bio page attests;

“Connections and circumstance are sometimes hard to ignore. Everything Fades’ story starts with two friends and a singular thought – to start a band based on the influences of their lives. Music, life, love, loss. Marcus Piña and Daniel Owens have inadvertently known each other for many years through mutual close friends, even though they had never met. Soon after meeting, they quickly bonded and began the preliminary discussion of playing music together.

Forward to late 2014 and that idea came to fruition. With the help of Kevin Flack holding down the drum duties, Everything Fades recorded their first foray into the haze of dark psych rock/shoegaze with Eric Wofford at Cacophony Studios in Austin, TX. From that output comes the wrapped in reverb, dissonance and trance double EP “Here’s to a New Tomorrow/Moving Mountains”, released April 18, 2016 by Dutch indie label Geertruida.

Blog write ups from all parts of the world and sharing bills with touring acts such as Cheatahs and The Life and Times are just a few of the successes Everything Fades has seen in it’s short tenure. With the international release of their first recorded material, the future looks very bright for the band described as “Swervedriver meets The War On Drugs”.”

Here’s to a New Tomorrow bounds into focus, ringing with jubilant echoes, it’s beatific choral flourishes, extols an enveloping rapture, a blissful celebratory eulogy, ascendancy rapt in drifting crescendos…

Directed by Paul Cordes Wilm, the accompanying video, is a kaleidoscopic visual feast of subtle optimistic imagery, interspersed with evocative band vignettes.

As well as Everything Fades featuring on this double EP cassette from Geertruida, the label have hit upon a novel idea, introducing a 3 band box set;

“The idea behind the box sets is that we can combine 3 bands that not everyone has heard of, and who don’t know each other. This way we can promote all three bands at the same time, increasing the chance of people taking a chance of buying something new, increasing the chance of them getting heard. We hope to make this happen by combining bands together either by genre, or by country, whatever works! In the end it’s all about getting these bands out there! So take a chance and enjoy!

For this very first box set we have selected 3 very cool bands who are all making music in the ‘shoegaze’ genre. Mandarinaduck from the Ukraine, Glaswen from Russia and Everything Fades from the USA. Three countries that do not always get along, but let’s show politicians how it’s done. Music above all. So if you dig your shoegazer-dreampopper bands, be sure to get your hands on one of these.”

You can purchase both tapes from the Geertruida webpage.



Written by Chromaticism