“Will Z. is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, first known for his work with his band Cosmic Trip Machine, then The Book of AM ‘cult’ project. A solo artist he has explored several genres, from dark occult rock and hard rock to acid-folk and baroque pop, incorporating Indian music and experimental elements.”

I dare say it was these wisps of commonality, mixed with elements of Fairport Convention, and the often maligned output of Richie Blackmore, that initially attracted me to Will’s idiosyncratic output.

I love the wistful, whimsy of this wandering minstrel, and was honoured when Will approached me, about releasing this video premiere for the track, ‘Farewell Yet Not Farewell‘ – a post-industrial commentary, set amid the abandoned detritus, of the so-called industrial revolution, thoughtfully and playfully juxtaposed, against a mandolin toting, muse celebrating chivalry…

Here is Will’s story of the album…

A New Mirrored You

Though based on ‘La Vita Nuova‘, a book by Dante Alighieri, there are threads within the lyrics – perhaps most specifically in the track, ‘Screen Lady‘ and as alluded to in Will’s story, “it was like I stepped through a mirror into another dimension”, that remind me of the Stephen Donaldson series, ‘Mordant’s Need’ – an epic fantasy, in which mirrors play a central role, transporting the fictional characters in times of peril…

Farewell Yet Not Farewell‘, is the second track from Will’s new album, ‘A New Mirrored You‘ – this new record is the 6th by Will Z, a dreamy psychedelic folk delight coming in limited edition splatter vinyl and limited edition cd, available via bandcamp.


Written by Chromaticism